Happy Blog Birthday!!!

Just because I wanted to...
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Inspiration Posted Up

Smoking Hot

On My Wishlist...

I'm kind of obsessed with skateboarding photos. Makes me want to ride one...
I want a skateboard!! ...and the girl's tank top in the above photo.
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I've been riding my scooter a lot these past few days... I love it. :)
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Random Street Art

Location: Palm Desert, CA
Location: Indio, CA

The Story - Brandi Carlile

From "No Strings Attached"

Why is this so cute? ...seriously.
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Just Chill Sometime

I love this guy's style. His hat, shirt, and, strangely, his rolled up pants... LOVE!
Photo credit: Alex Sweetmore

Collage Creation

I made this for my soon-to-be-boyfriend, Tanner. He lives in Oklahoma (which is a bit far from California). We are in love. :) Honestly though, it's one of my best creations. I just hope he enjoys it as much as I do.      ~edited 28 December 2011

Sand Castles


Dear Photograph

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Turkish Islamic Art of Marbling

Nail Art

From Bruno Mars

I know you're somewhere out there,
somewhere far away.

On My Wishlist...

 Fish-eye lens!! After taking this photo, it made think of a fish-eye photo and... yeah. I want one!!

Random Street Art

Location: Venice Beach, CA

It Starts With Sharpie

The reason I carry a pen on me at all times...
Photo credit: TeenVogue, August 2011

Reminds Me of the "Little Rascals"

One of Those Artistic and Fun Photos

On My Wishlist...

The rings. The nail polish. The coffee.
Photo credit: The Intersection Paddington

Take A Walk Sometime