I Knew It

Today many people categorize this type of appearance to be trashy, but tomorrow many people will be trying out this 'new' look and end up finding themselves falling in love with it!

First Design to Show

One of my own designs; I drew it in December 2009. Not exactly recent but I'd say it's worth showing!

From "To Sir, With Love"

Every new fashion is a form of rebellion.

School House Rock

Photo credit: TeenVogue, August 2010 

From "Remember the Titans"

Attitude reflects leadership, captain.

Pictures & Words

I created this piece of work about a month ago. My inspiration: the models.
It's simply a collage of a few of my favorite photos that I recently cut out from the magazines I had. (Yes, I cut out photos from magazines.) The quote, in my case, refers to the models. Models are live mannequins. By being alive, models have a personality that the camera does not capture. Readers, like myself, do not know the models' true identity. In fact, even if a model is holding skateboard, what if she is terribly afraid of skateboarding? Or if a male model has his arm around a girl, intending for her to be his love-interest, except what if in reality he's gay? This leads to my quote "Even if a picture is worth a thousand words, there are never enough for you to truly see who one is."
Of course, this is simply my perspective and I do realize that our thoughts may differ. Please, I must say however, if you have comments, share!


I am just writing my first entry. I am new to even having a blog but I definitely look forward to the experience. I hope I am able to keep up with it and post often to share my mind with you and whoever else is interested. I have heard a lot about this "place" and, from this point, everyone I have talked to have told me positive comments. That definitely gets me excited.

As a member of blogger.com, I hope to share with you my unique mind. It is full of dreams and ideas that I hope to introduce to reality some day in my near future. I have a love for photography. I find enjoyment in taking pictures of just about anything. Just to let you know, I took that picture featured at the top of this entry. I personally think it looks cool. Haha. I also have a big interest in fashion design. I have created many pieces of clothing since the summer of 2008 including tops (t-shirts, tank-tops, vests, and sweaters) and bottoms (shorts). The purpose of creating my own clothes is simple; I can't afford those cool, high-priced brands.

To me, this seems like a long introduction. Sorry for that. I sure hope you find interest in my blog once I really get into blogging often and I look forward to reading your comments. Enjoi.