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My ideal apartment is the Bradley Point Apartments in Savannah, Georgia. Why? Despite its inviting appearance (as you may be able to see in the photos), its surroundings in Savannah are look just as great.   Along with its beautiful trees everywhere, the weather in Savannah can be enjoyed just as much; the warmest it usually gets is just above 90 degrees and the coolest is just below 30 degrees. The apartment itself has all positives. I have a choice of living in a one, two, three, or four bedroom unit. I would want to have a few roommates so we could split the living cost. In total, we would ONLY have to pay around $68 for the deposit and about $230 each every month for a two bedrooms and two bathrooms unit. Not  bad at all! While living here, I would attend Savannah College of Art and Design. Considering I am an artsy person, I want an apartment I can easily imagine myself hanging art inside to display, which I can from the given images. Can't you just imagine large painted canvases hanging on the walls?! Many people would most likely prefer an apartment in a big city similar to New York or Chicago or Los Angeles but I am only looking for something different. It would simply be a new experience I am positive I wold enjoy.

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