Pictures & Words

I created this piece of work about a month ago. My inspiration: the models.
It's simply a collage of a few of my favorite photos that I recently cut out from the magazines I had. (Yes, I cut out photos from magazines.) The quote, in my case, refers to the models. Models are live mannequins. By being alive, models have a personality that the camera does not capture. Readers, like myself, do not know the models' true identity. In fact, even if a model is holding skateboard, what if she is terribly afraid of skateboarding? Or if a male model has his arm around a girl, intending for her to be his love-interest, except what if in reality he's gay? This leads to my quote "Even if a picture is worth a thousand words, there are never enough for you to truly see who one is."
Of course, this is simply my perspective and I do realize that our thoughts may differ. Please, I must say however, if you have comments, share!